Welcome to my ePortfolio.  Creating this portfolio has forced me to look at myself as a teacher and as a learner and provided me with a vehicle to reflect, organise and share my thoughts.

I have divided this portfolio into four sections. The first section Susan, gives a quick overview on who I am, both as  a person and as a teacher. You will also find my contact details here. The second section, Resume, contains a comprehensive picture of myself as a teacher. Here you will find my philosophy, vision statement, resume and classroom artifacts. The third section, Course Work, describes the journey I have taken since June 2012 towards completing my Master of Arts in Educational Technology. The posts will document my struggles, frustrations and achievements as I learn new skills, push myself to take risks and in doing so increase my effectiveness in the classroom. The fourth section is where I have collected a variety of tools and resources which I have found useful as well as some I am waiting to explore.

To the right you will find a drop down menu labeled “My Blog”. This will take you to blog posts divided into categories for easy reference.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.


2 comments on “HOME

  1. Hi Susan! Really enjoyed reading this especially your discoveries re new technology. I’ve just finished my final teaching prac so am at the beginning of my professional journey, and it’s great to have access to the learning of others. Will follow your progress with interest – keep the posts coming! BTW, are u still at JIS? Cos I thought ur post mentioned shanghai …. Quinn says hello too!

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